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Big Blue Eyed Brandon

Isn’t he just a cutie?

Big Blue Eyes


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Calla gazing out the between the boards of the deck.

Summer is just about all over. There are a few nice Indian Summer days that will keep the temps in the mid-eighties. But the leaves will turn and the time of stews and chowders will be start.

I take a lot of my pictures on the deck. When it gets colder, my studio migrates to the master bathroom which has a high skylight to let in some natural sunlight. We don’t use our garden tub, so I’ll be using that area for staging product shots.

Today I’m getting a new camera. It’s my reward for new clients and my birthday. I’ve had my current camera for three years, so I’m upgrading.

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Brotchen und Butter

Taken just for Lily. Brotchen and butter. Part of the meal eaten at a local German eatery.

These used to cost 10 phenning each back in the day. 🙂

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Summer Cool Down

It’s downright cold here in our house. For months we’ve had 100+ temps outdoors without the benefit of air conditioning.

Finally we get our air conditioner working ($800 later) and the temperature is now in the low 80’s.

Coincidence? I think not.

At least we were able to take the grandkids to the park.

Photos from my SmugMug account.

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Just a quick Test

Adding items to a blog, with images.


Eaten yesterday.

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For My Sister

Yes, it was Ballet Shoes. I even picked it up from the library today.

I’m glad to hear you still have your letter. I remember you reading the letter on a plane ride, but I’m not sure if it was coming to Tacoma or going to Hof. Probably going to Hof.

Now Ed lives in the area discussed in the books as well as Luke and Melanine being stationed at Lakenheath. Small, small world.

Here’s a link to your window taken in October 2003. 🙂

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This photo was found on SmugMug. I really liked the view of the road and the skies.

We had several really bad heat days. But we’ve had cooler weather for the past two days. When this happens, I go take more photos.

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